Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ArtCub & Playful Journey

ArtCub & Playful Journey
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The first page of my journal for Orly Avineri's Art Journal Group. We made the Playful Journey Page in her class and I did the Artcub page for it. The Playful Journey Page unfolds into a large map, see the pic above. The bear is an image transfer using Golden's Regular Gel Medium(gloss). If you haven't done an image transfer I highly recommend it! it is so fun slopping on the gel, leveling it out. You let it sit over night and then rub off the paper and your left with your image to put on whatever you'd like, so fun!

Orly Avineri is an amazing artist and teacher. Her journaling groups are fun, informal. For me the classes are part instructional and a HUGE part fun. I look forward to each and every one. Stop by her blog and check out her amazing art.

Click on any page for a larger view.

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