Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attention blogger friends...

Hop on over to Rachel's blog... where she has a whopping 4 new posts, one including more pictures of our wonderful colaboration day. Sheer magic my friends. Go, go, go... You'll be glad you did! Rich & wonderful shtuff...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fabulous Day of Art Journaling!

Back row:Me, Thalia, Jean
Bottom row:Orly, Rachel

We met today at Orly's lovely home for a day of art journaling. There was a lot of reflecting on our journeys as artists & sharing where we came from, & our process. I've learned as much from the members of Orly's Art Journaling Lab as I have in the class. I have so much respect for each of them. We will not be meeting weekly any longer, we will come together for special occasions. We shared a lot of laughs and smiles.
Orly and I and our art journals. I have so much respect for Orly. She challenges me to expand beyond my comfort zone and work more organically. She's helped me to find the courage to believe in my own creative process my own worth as an artist. Orly was my inspiration for going to this bigger journal (it is an 11.5 x 17.5 Moleskine) and I love each and every page. These are one of my favorite spreads from Orly's and my journals.

Here I am with my WIP(work in progress) I'll show this page when it's finished soon. Have a wonderful creative weekend.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I LOVE colaborations...

I love collaborative artworks. I spend a lot of time on the internet viewing blogs, art journals, art work, images on flicker. I can not view them and be influenced by them. I enjoy taking art journaling classes, I can't take a class from someone and not be influenced by their work even in some small way. Even from the aspect of having an opinion on some one's art work or class.

Today's post is a wonderful example. In this week's outing to
Orly Avineri's Art Journaling Lab we spray painted some found natural found items on long strips of paper in the picture above, we then cut out pieces that spoke to each of us and glued them to our art journals. We then used pastels provided by the wonderful amazing artist Rachel Peterson , she demonstrated the different types of chalk pastels, soft, oil, and pencil pastels, then we all went to town on our journals. I find pastels very, very addictive... When I got home I added some oil pastels on top of the chalk pastels, and yes even some Sekura white and black gel pens. Oh yes, we even threw in a bit of black india ink for good measure in class. Can you spot our original spray paint pieces? I can't wait to see Orly's post on this her journal page was amazing!!!

Click on any image for a full sized view, grrrr this isn't working click on the my flicker image for a larger view, good ole blogspot....

Collaboration Journal Spread 4.10.10

left side
right side

And a little collaboration from nature for you, one of my clematis blooming in my garden. My garden is one of my biggest influences when I am journaling at home. Have a great week!