Monday, July 20, 2009

2 pages, plastic lace placemat

These pages may end up being backgrounds but I like how complex they are as is...enjoy!


ginny said...

Your stencilling is awesome. I knew you would be the best in the class.

Keli Hansen said...

amazing work... i'm in the class...just haven't had a chance to try one thing! ugh... soon i hope. thanks for sharing your pretty pages - they are great!

oneartistjournal said...

I would call them forgrounds and leave them at that..don't we need to know sometimes when to let go?

inge said...

Hello Brian,

your spraying is awesome : the layers in these pages and in your previous post is what I really like !

Do you spray with spraypaint in a can or which products do you use ? I have stencils but I don't use them so much ( years ago I used a lot do decorate in my house, but not for artwork)
Did Michelle Ward saw your results yet ? She's a sprayaddict too ...:) I bet she would agree with me they are very, very good !
The lacestenciling is very delicate, but gives such a great impact.

Go on : I want to see and learn more !
greetings from Belgium

PS : thanks for your sweet words on my book :)

Studio Sylvia said...

Yes they would make detailed backgrounds. Lovely!

thekathrynwheel said...

Hey, I followed you here after you left a (very funny) comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting me! And I'm glad I visited you - you're work with stencils is lovely :-)

Marilyn said...

These pages are just wonderful. The detail you get from the lace stencil? is very nice to look at.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

I'm envious...sigh. Have looked for plastic lace since Mary Ann's first class but no luck. Really do enjoy your spray creations.