Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Brandi, Tim and I

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to take two Tim Holtz classes up in Elk Grove, near Sacramento at Stampers Corner. It was a blast! I went with my good friend Brandi, we had a great time. Tim is an amazing teacher and Mario did an amazing job keeping us organized. The staff at Stampers Corner did an amazing job with the event! Brandi and I took two amazing classes, "Exploring Alcohol Inks" on Saturday and "Nostalgic Metal Memories" on Sunday. The Sunday class was 4 hours long! It was like two classes in one. The first class was about making hand made books. The second part was learning about working with embossed metals from
Ten Seconds Studio. We had a fantastic time.

My first handmade book and the sample we made during the Exploring Alcohol inks class.

A detail of the cover of my handmade book, made with embossed metal and Tim Holtz embellishments.
And last a detail of my hand stitched spine of my book, using Tim's "kettle stitch".

And today I signed up for an art journaling class from Orly Avineri at the South Bay School for Adults. I am really excited to start the class next week!


Paul B said...

Wow I'm completely green with envy :) The book looks fantastic!!! And thx for the blog link - must go and read it prpoerly when I have a tea break. I would be straight into the art journaling course if I lived there. Hope you enjoy it and share on your blog :)

P xx

Anonymous said...

I love the book! I can't wait to be on the cruise with Tim in October, especially after looking at blogs like yours.

I just discovered your blog through the ATT group - will be back later to look more as I love what I've seen in just a few minutes this morning.

Paper Paradise said...

What fantastic stuff you created. I too have been lucky to attend some of Tim's workshops in the UK and he certainly can teach! Bet you have a great time at the journalling class. I am planning on one with Dyan, Art From The Heart when time allows. Enjoy!

Cheryl said...

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your comment about the website on my blog. It was there and then somehow disappeared. Anyway it's back on. I've tried emailing you but you don't have an email on your site. Again, thanks for the suggestion and it looks like you did a fab job with the metal on your book.
Cheryl, Ten Seconds Studio

Seth said...

This must have been so much fun. And your books look spectacular.

Jo Reimer said...

Brian, thanks for visiting my blog and for all the nice things you said. I love these metal covers. I once made a metal covered book in a class Tracy Moore taught in his studio. It was fun to work with the punches and bang on things like alphabet stamps. Yours is so much better! So how are you going to use the Stencilry?

Michelle Remy said...

WOW! This class looks like it was amazing and your book is incredible! I would love to be able to thumb through each and every page!
And deepest thank yous for all the marvelously supportive comments you have left at my blog! They are appreciated! - Michelle at Lost Coast Post